Sometimes this is mistakenly called visualisation.

But I work with all senses to create, or re-create an experience.

Working together with CBT Hypnotherapy we can work on any sport to help you:
  • Put yourself in that moment and trying to prepare yourself
  • Seeing yourself winning
  • Staying calm in front of the crowds
  • Staying calm between rounds
  • Correcting errors e.g. getting your golf swing/tennis serve back
  • ‘Training’ when you’re injured
  • Rediscovering your love of your sport (finding your lost ‘mojo’)
  • Dealing with pressure
  • Controlling your adrenaline
  • Removing distracting thoughts
  • Game planning
  • Confidence/belief

We’ll look at, and work with, the physical environment of your sport. Your aims. Practice in slow motion or real time. Remind yourself how you should feel, think and act at all stages. This will be the basis for your hypnotherapy scripts and our work between our sessions.
The Gentle Mind
You are what you tell yourself
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When we’re not ourselves we burn ourselves out. Physically and mentally. I want to help you be kind to yourself. Be a better version of yourself. In effect have a relaxed and gentle mind.